Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Apple Lovers Hate Waste

I was at the Health Fair for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and People with tinnitus on Saturday and learnt a lot from the various stalls that were around. I chatted to the Council for a while about waste and was truly horrified. I did like this leaflet though. I also came away with quite a hoard of freebies from pens, personal rape alarm, mouse mat, stress ball (which Pen destroyed), rice measure - we all need one of these, poo bags etc and two bags to carry my haul in. I do like a freebie. I am sad about my stress ball though, it was the first one I'd ever owned.  Does anyone have a spare lying around? Preferably with naff advertising on it.

 I visited a Tooth Stall (Not actually called that) and was given a sweetie that has a Tooth with an umbrella on its head. I don't understand but it looks adorable all the same.

I was at the Women's Institute on Friday and the seminar was 'Aches and Pains'. It was actually very useful.  Everybody gets a sore back now and then right? I got a £25 voucher for the Apex Clinic to use by end of April if anybody would like it?  Anyhow...at the church hall where the monthly meeting is held there is an ongoing book sale. 50p a book. 50P!!! I bought Dallas, The Room and some others but best of all was Dallas. The book was based on the TV series. How often do you see that? It's usually the other way round. I do like Dallas and Dynasty and anything retro-y so it had to be brought into my possession.

I saw a bracelet in the Sunday Magazine that I covet. I already own a couple of Sabo rings but I haven't worn the snake one yet - I wonder if they'd be kind enough to let me swap the snake ring for this bracelet and let me pay the remainder? I LOVE skulls and black so this is something I must have come hell or high water.

Anyhow - that's my waffle for today.  I'm going to read a Book of Lists and plan my visit to London. There is an exhibition on in the The Barbican by Song Dong called Waste Not and is on until 12th June.

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