Saturday, 7 September 2013

Reading Blogs and the Apocalypse

I am loving the updates but still have mega issues finding something comfortable to read them on.

Today I found gReader. It's almost totally like Google Reader except it's not really.

I really hate Google for closing down on me.  I am a part-time creature of habit, particularly when it comes to reading blogs.

I can't even upload photos to my blog posts anymore, using my Nexus 7.

It's like the world has turned against me and decided to make things that little bit more bloody difficult.

I have lots to talk about! I can't do it today, I have to put up pictures.

I shall return on form soon and hopefully Bartlam will also be as accessible as I am.

Love you guys.


1 comment:

  1. that google reader is really confusing me! it works perfectly fine even though i hear around that it closed down...i keep waiting for it to disappear...

    hope you get to be able to upload pictures very soon, i miss chuckling at your blogposts!