Monday, 3 December 2012


We got the golden egg!


  1. Ha!

    Yer people (mine too :))

    1. That reporter can be your token American...that accent is like cut glass on a chalk board.

    2. I'd be sick if I heard it. No volume on this PC. I'm going to take this very seriously and study Ole Miss Rebels. Planning time off over the holidays, we get 25 days plus 10 days public holidays. Don't you get something like 2 days and Thanksgiving?

    3. And NO WAY Bartlam. You're my token American for life.

    4. I'm honored but you need to know that I am 100 proof, pure grain Southerner...a Southron.

      You are going to get a very warped view of Amuurca from me. The United States is still an occupying force as far as I'm concerned.

      You need to hear it when you can...there are a lot of jokes about Starkville, the home of your mortal enemy Mississippi'll need to be familiar with these.

    5. As for days off...I think we get for Christmas and two for New Years.

      I, like most folks around here, work for small companies and most everything's pretty informal. Like I don't have any official sick days...I just call and say I'm not gonna be able to make it. Because I work with the man that runs the place it's no big deal...whether I'm sick or the Boys class is going to the ZOO. There are days when he'll ask me why I'm still in the office? Translation: get out of here..go home.

      I'm in sales anyway. If I don't work I don't make any money but, four days out of the week I work alone...and nobody asks questions as long as the numbers look good.

      I worked with a Rep yesterday whose boss told her point blank..."if you can sell my s*** while getting a it. I don't care what you do with your time as long as the numbers are right."

      My has negotiated almost all her holiday time...based on hitting certain goals. Usually she's off for two weeks around Christmas...and she has three weeks vacation and she leaves every Friday at 3:00. All negotiated between her and her boss.

      I'm gonna be stuck in the office between Christmas and New Years...nothing's gonna be happening. So, I'll be on the internets, doing what I do best...goofing off.

  2. Do you talk with a proper drawl? Trying to think what other distinguishing features Southerners have. Do you eat a lot of southern fried chicken? *snickers*.

    The days between Christmas and New Year are dead. If you have the Flipboard app you should be ok in terms of entertainment.

    I'm in work today, half day Thursday, and half day Monday. Managed to do some seriously good negotiating with my Boss. Back on the 7th January.

    I have 8 episodes of The Real Housewives of New York to watch and 10 of RH of D.C, loads of The Killing, Boardwalk Empire - shh I'm still on series one, episode 3 to be exact, Breaking Bad - just finished Series 1, uhm everything else on Netflix. You have probably guessed by now that I'm not the best when it comes to watching things consistently.

    Have you got your tree up yet Bartlam? Do you have a turkey? do you kill it yourself?