Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's December!

The festive season is upon us and I am very excited. This year I've been thinking about what to get for people and, of course, myself.

One tree appeared up in our street over a week ago. Newly moved in and clearly unaware of the Avenue etiquette. No trees before December.  One house fires theirs up on December 1st. I can imagine the desperation to decorate must be overwhelming. We're more laid back here. Tree goes up mid December, after all, Christmas is not just about commercialisation but about Baby Jesus and giant inflatable snowmen. Freaky.

I bought an advent calendar, a proper cardboard one where you break nails trying to open windows. Mum not impressed because so far window 1 had Mary, Joseph and the baby. That should have been on the last day apparently.  Ah well, trying to make a point in my stand against commercial Christmas. 

Trying to work out how to drop box photos from my iPhone.  I saw these and saw dollar signs:

And then I couldn't be bothered. Should have though shouldn't I.

I have heard of a new American confectionary via Bartlam - Ding Dong. *snickers* it's up there with 'fanny packs' and 'Walmart,'. Actually I'd like to go to Walmart.  It' as one of those places where you can get anything. What can't you get there? Besides human organs?

With the festive season usually comes the sickness, both viral and alcohol induced. Someone saw a gap in the market:

Well I'm off to do play a new game called 'froad'. No idea, Amazon app for android giving away a free app a day. Fabulous!



  1. You can't get a kids football helmet there!

    Walmart has a fascinating story...started out as little general stores in small Southern towns. We still have these..Fred's is a store you see in every town with one red light.

    Walmart was the first store to take advantage of the bar codes. The used the information to determine what was selling...the rest is history.

    I thought about you this week. I work in food and I was working with a rep from a regional company that makes delicious products. We called on a local Cash and Carry...a kind of Food Distributor/Grocery store for the hood.

    During the call, the rep notices that there are Hostess Cakes everywhere...all for a dollar! When we left she had 88 bucks on Hostess Cakes...Twinkies, Honey Buns, even Fruit Cake (no Ding Dongs...shut it!).

    The manager explained that everybody had spent all their food stamps on Thanksgiving...that's why the Hostess stuff was still there. HA!

    Does seem like you might have an anti-climatic Advent Calendar there.

    You should know that your Rebels beat Mississippi State like a rented mule and are now in possession of the Golden Egg.

  2. excited for christmas already! what a festive post :-)