Thursday, 27 September 2012

Books - the epitome of contentment

Yes I know, I own too many already, I haven't read all of them and probably never will but look what came through the door today. Oh yeah! John Wyndham is fantastic, I loved The Chrysalids and recommend it to anyone who has good taste in books.

It's ok, the overbuying you know. I'm I member of the Book Addicts forum, the thread where people admit to overbuying and not always reading I am not alone!

Admit it! You do it too.


  1. I just want prints of these old covers. Of course then I would feel like a fraud...not because I hadn't read the books (who can be bothered with that) but, because I hadn't bought the books.

  2. Ok ok I admit! There are many brand new books on the shelf above my bed, all untouched. I demand to read them all eventually though! (no, I won't)