Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What's in your bag?

Ok, I'm nosy. I love the idea of having a peek through people's handbags.

There are some sites and blogs but they're not consistent and I'm not interested in the contents of a man's bag. They carry uninteresting items, rarely anything cute or quirky. Practical and boring.

So ladies, what's in your bag?

Here is my green, pleather, bag from Accessorize that I got before Christmas. It's not a Mulberry or Hermes or Aspinals but will do in the meantime:

Here's what's in mine:

  • 2 mags - 1 celeb (monthlies don't fit) and 1 TV guide
  • Purse
  • Vibrating alarm clock
  • Medical: Wet wipes/tissues/inhaler/hand sanitizer
  • L'Occitane violet hand cream - my favourite!
  • 3 lipsticks, different brands, all purple - mirror and blemish stick
  • Primark fake ray bans
  • Al Pacino specs case - battered but still closes
  • iPad and iPhone
  • Pencil case and pens that won't fit in case.
  • 1/2 packet of strawberry Chewits (Vegetarian friendly)
  • 'Nemesis' by Philip Roth - for book group
  • USB stick
  • Pass holder - bus pass, oyster and future train tickets
  • Tiny notebook and A5 pad
  • Mustard umbrella
  • Loose change hanging round the bottom of my bag (mostly 5ps)
  • Plastic heart ring - 50p from Charity shop
  • Diary - total essential
  • Packet of Heinz Ketchup
  • Belfast City centre map - to post to penpal in Taiwan
  • Air Mail stamps and Post Office receipt
  • Key (leopard print)
  • 'Parcel' pants zipper case full of different pills and plasters
  • Herbal 'calm' mouth spray.

As of now I can tell you that the alarm clock and magazines are out.

What's in your bag? What do you have to carry with you every day?

Bartlam - you too!





  1. I love your bag! I might do the same..I am so nosey too :)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. I would like Katrina Sophia and anybody else that might be reading this to please confirm for me that....a. She doesn't want to know what's in a man's bag. b. In encouraging her readers to describe what's in their bags she says "Come on Ladies." c. She wants to know what's in my bag.

    Is that what I read? Am I right about this?

    1. See comment below. Apologies Bartlam.

  3. Ok I should have said 'Ladies and Bartlam'. I'd love to see what you carry around daily. Turn out your pockets!
    People who read this want to know too. I heard them think it.

  4. My Clinton era work lap top that died last night. Some marketing material for fried green beans, fried pickles (gurkians) fried green tomatoes. A CD cover (but not the cd) of PJ Harvey's Rid of Me. Months of pay stubs. Sketch pad and pencils. And as I found out this morning after being pulled over...an expired car insurance card.

    I'm a man dammit