Monday, 12 August 2013

Hyper Japan 2013

**FYI** I apologise for the delay. I have been to hell and back with technology lately and it's only today that I've got a temporary solution. God am I WEARY (did that sound dramatic enough?)  ANYWAY - London was fabulous, plenty of random waffle and photos to come but first...the very reason I went:


 Hyper Japan finally arrived at Earls Court on 26th - 28th July 2013:

The weather was glorious and the queue was enormous. Have a ticket? Join the massive, longest queue you've ever been in.  2 hours in the blazing sun with only a black cardigan to protect my delicate skin.

Once inside we saw things like Sushi Making:

Puzzle Boxes:

Kawaii stalls:
Weirdo Doll Heads


Kawaii everything random at high prices
And the best part, the costumes:

This one was my *gasp* favourite. She moved about like she was gliding. I was in awe and almost turning into a stalker:

So cute!
It was roasting in the queue - Latex might be too warm but at least she just needed to remove her coat.

There were some fabulous costumes there but this one really does deserve a special fact, these two do:
I just loved him.

*THE* piece de la resistance:



I met...the one and only...Godfather of Sudoku. The actual inventor. He's so cute and his glasses were lime green.  I'm a little enthusiastic here but I was slightly amazed that this fella made Sudoku. OVERWHELMED:

Big Love to you Godfather

There were also a couple of cars there including one van with a bed in the back:

Yes it was called 'Drive-By' and I want one.

Was it worth the queuing for? No. Would I go back? Yes but only on fast track ticket and NOT on a Saturday!

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